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The odd relatively modern touch can be found in the house including this attractive Art Deco fan, which contrasts with the Victorian and early 20th-century objects that are dotted around the property. Retro remedies Bryan Sansivero. Intriguingly, the classic concoction is still available these days and can even be snapped up from Amazon. The farmhouse dresser Bryan Sansivero.

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This dresser in what appears to be the farmhouse kitchen contains the family's day-to-day crockery. The chinoiserie Blue Willow pattern was hugely popular in America during the late 19th century and throughout much of the 20th century. Prints from the past Bryan Sansivero. Antique furnishings Bryan Sansivero. Old lace Bryan Sansivero.

A faded beauty

The master bedroom contains a box of sewing threads and a dressmaking dummy covered with an exquisite lace piece that was presumably hand-tailored by Ms Carll herself. A picture of neglect Bryan Sansivero. This wider shot of the master bedroom shows exactly what years of vacancy and neglect can do to a property that was once meticulously maintained.

Paint is peeling off the walls, while the floor and furniture are littered with debris. A s timepiece Bryan Sansivero. Another Art Deco piece, this wind-up Ingraham Meteor alarm clock was manufactured in It sits next to a dusty empty bottle of C. Parsons' Household Ammonia, an essential cleaning product from way back when. Faded fashions Bryan Sansivero.

Exploring an Old Untouched Abandoned House

Photographer Bryan Sansivero has captured yet more dressmaking paraphernalia in this room. Against those starkly cracked walls, this space has a rather dramatic and eerie feel. The dummy is dressed in a corseted bodice and cage crinoline which was used to support the elaborate skirts and bustles of 19th-century dresses.

A simpler way of life Bryan Sansivero. This evocative shot shows a chest of drawers that was used as a wash table. Age-old toiletry products feature on the tabletop alongside a jug, bowl and antique towels for daily ablutions. Dancing days gone by Bryan Sansivero.

A home frozen in time

A pair of black ballet-style shoes, which may have been hand-embroidered by Marion Carll or another member of the family, lie on one of the linen-covered beds in the property, placed next to two fabric roses. A glimpse into history Bryan Sansivero. Peering into the long hallway on the upper floor of the farmhouse, you can't help but notice how rundown parts of the property have become.

This wing of the house was used to accommodate slaves before the abolition of slavery in , thereafter it served as the servants' quarters. A vintage tableau Bryan Sansivero. Blood on the walls?

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Sounds like someone was there recently. In this case I think the police should have investigated. The photographs of the various locations are amazing. It hits you on an emotional level much like a painting or sculpture. Turner landscape painting resonates on an emotional level. The mystery and beauty of art. But … I did wonder the same thing about the record.

Was there electricity or was it paranormal? Or just poetic license? Of course, the community is further left of Beijing, it seems, but it does have some decent lunch places. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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We have classified the grass a job carried out by Angel, the vegetarian as a variety of St. Augustine called Martynia louisiana , native to North America. It seems to grow only in this garden. It has large flowers, yellow with purple spots. It bears fruit once a year: a pointed capsule shaped like a horn. Hence its popular name, Unicorn Plant, and from there, according to us, the annual visit of the animal to our garden.

Despite patient vigilance we've never actually seen it. But we have noticed the grass cut by teeth. We've discovered holes in the dirt, as if produced by the twisted point of an umbrella in the elevated bank of a mud puddle. We've seen hoof prints; we've found fresh manure.

Abandoned House FROZEN IN TIME - Everything Left Behind!

One night the sound of a soft whinny reached us. The next morning we found Luisa. She was sixteen years old and had joined our group only days prior. Her chest was punctured by an enormous uni-hole; she was naked, monstrously raped. YOU You are a door-to-door salesman. You peddle books or memberships to medical societies. You knock on all the doors. You try to get into all the houses.

It's late afternoon. You see a wrought-iron fence and you hesitate for an instant. But you are determined, and an unkempt garden does not dissuade you. You push open the gate. You walk up the path that divides the garden in two; you stop directly in front of the door and you look for the doorbell. You don't find it, but you see a bronze doorknocker.

It's shaped like a hand, with long thin fingers. There's a ring on the largest finger and the index finger is missing two phalanges. The finger did not break but was intentionally designed this way. You pause. But you remember your lessons from salesman school, and some previous experience of your own, and you pluck up your courage.

You lift the knocker, making it turn on its hinge, and you let it fall: one, two, three times against its base, also bronze. The sound booms through the house.

You are confused. We know all too well from our sad experiments that the knocker causes many strange sounds to echo through the house. You will inevitably think you hear a dry, hoarse voice. It insists that you open the door and come in. Your confusion lasts a few seconds but in the end your hope gets the better of you and you make the grave mistake. When we arrive we find only your briefcase, on a chair, or on the floor.

We don't need to open it to determine your line of work. We gather in the dining room for a moment of silence. Someone invariably sheds a tear. Someone always suggests that we report the case to the authorities. We convince them that we would gain nothing and we would surely lose the house. Then someone pipes up to suggest that we hang a warning sign on the front door. The older members of the group have to explain, once again, that this only increases the number of victims and that sooner or later the string of curious idiots will get us kicked out of the house.

We finally agree that these incidents are regrettable but we can do nothing to prevent them. Tired of the sorrow, guilty consciences, and useless arguing, we decide to take the issue a little more lightly. After all, we agree, there are too many door-to-door salesmen in the world anyway. Later, someone takes your briefcase and throws it unceremoniously into the well in the back yard.

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ANTS In the garden there is, of course, a variety of ants. Periodically, we're pleased to find a new ant bed where we plant a red flag. We've noticed that the ants march along the cracks towards a location under the house, in the foundation.