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The story ends abrubtly in a "cliffhanger" that was alluded to about eight million times in the pages of this book.

A Night to Forget Series Box Set (Emma's Story)

I just don't care enough to read the next installment; so I'm going to make my own ending to the second book which hasn't been published and I haven't read : What I think will happen in Book 2: Girlfriend at the door is actually Brandon's old girlfriend that he has been trying to break up with and she won't accept that it is over. Emma gets bent out of shape, breaks up with Brandon, realizes that she is love with him and they get back together and live happily ever after because he is the man of her dreams, duh.

What I want to be happen in Book 2: Emma is actually delusional, Brandon doesn't really exist and Emma is committed to a mental institution. There, now I never have to read the second book and I'm comfortable stating that is probably pretty close to what would happen. Jun 20, Anne OK rated it it was ok Shelves: reads. Emma is not the only one spinning in a dream world. I'm still dazed and confused. First she has dreams starring the perfect man, then the dream comes true in Cancun when he appears in the flesh. He stays around long enough to "un-virgin" our sweet Emma.

But he soon takes leave.

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So, Emma, who was virgin before she spent one drunken night on the beach with Dream Man is no longer a virgin. But you better not get too comfortable with that fact. Yep, sud Emma is not the only one spinning in a dream world. Yep, suddenly she's a reinstated virgin! Are you lost yet? Well, it ain't over yet! There are two attempted rapes on Emma four years apart. Emma files charges on both men and that's the end of that. You get no more storyline there. Several months pass since the Cancun encounter between Emma and her Dream Man or maybe a ghost because, at this point, I'm not sure of anything.

Emma starts her new job in San Francisco, and you won't believe who reappears once again, nor what role he's now playing in Emma's life. Are you thinking nightmare yet? Okay, seriously this one stretches the imagination too far. It's ridiculous and unbelievable to say the least. There were way too many editing errors to count.

Getting Played

Secondary cast members added a little flair and creativity to the story but even they couldn't bail this one out. And there's going to be even more.

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Read at your own risk. View all 6 comments. Jul 31, Kathleen rated it really liked it. I read for pure enjoyment and I don't take my romance reads very critical. I don't mind if things occur in a book that are a little far fetched, this is not a true life story I'm reading! I also don't mind if there is an error, oh well, most of the books I read are ARC so I just move along.

This book read to me as a fantasy and, for me, once again, there is nothing wrong with that. I also take into consideration that this is a debut novel and I hope that Jessica Woods keeps on writing because I ,for one, would LOVE to read more of her books.

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Even if most of them happened during the heroine, Emma's, dreams. I have to say that I thought the characters were well done. Brandon, the hero, was my favorite, that is until the end that literally left me hanging off of a huge cliff. Good thing book 2, A Day To Remember, will be in my hands very soon so I can continue on reading to find out what is going to happen next.

Overall, I'm very happy that I read this book and I would recommend it to those of you who enjoy a fantasy type story that is a quick and easy read. View all 3 comments. Jul 14, Emma rated it liked it. Engaging characters - a little short I would have liked a little more detail especially about the characters backgrounds. I have to be brutally honest and say that while I did find the story compelling the story as a whole was so short I did feel somewhat short-changed.

I really liked both Emma and Brandon but felt that their characters needed more depth. This would have aided the understanding of their actions and interactions a lot better. At times, Emma seriously made me cringe due to her immat Engaging characters - a little short I would have liked a little more detail especially about the characters backgrounds. At times, Emma seriously made me cringe due to her immaturity. Although she is the type of person where her immaturity is quickly seen as adorable, her bumbling clumsy, easy going manner overtakes all negative aspects of her personality.

I admired the way in which Emma didn't cave to peer pressure where relationships were concerned. She kept to her ideals and held out for what she wanted; quite literally the man of her dreams : She has a fantastic support system in her group of friends and their loyalty to each other shone through the narrative. I would definitely read more Emma and Bradon and hope that the characters and plot are fleshed out considerably next time.

Ultimately, A Night to Forget shows that everything happens for a resin including missing a booze cruise.

Died, came back to life, and slayed with some high-quality lighting.

A small price to pay to find your dream man. Don't you agree Endearing romance story! This is Jessica Wood's first book and it is really remarkable. This is easy reading, fun and engaging story of what happened one night during spring break in Cancun and the ramifications thereafter. Recommended to all who still remember their college years, first romances and their first jobs. Jun 21, Jessica's Book Review rated it really liked it. I barley know you, but. It was the perfect beach read! I read the book while lying out in the summer sun and finished it within two hours.

I just could not put it down. It was adorable, fun, sexy, and sweet all rolled into one great book. Though she thinks loves her boyfriend and he loves her she has never felt the spark with him or the need to sleep with him. While in Cancun Emma sees him… the man who has haunted her dreams and fantasies for the past few months. They spend a romantic night together then reality hits and Emma must go back home… Six months later Emma is starting her new job and has moved to San Francisco but guess what….

Her new boss is the hot man who spent the night with Emma in Cancun and has been in her dreams for almost a year.

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  6. It is a short read but so much fun. Brandon seems to be hiding a few things about his life from Emma and the end leaves on a gigantic cliff hanger! I really love Brandon and think he can explain himself, he just seems like too much of a nice guy to be playing Emma. Their flirting and interaction was adorable, I wanted them to figure out their past right away and just be together! The book moves at a VERY fast pace. I wish it was a little longer and more detailed with events and time. One chapter they are coming back from Cancun and the next Emma has moved to San Francisco.

    I would have liked to have read scenes with Emma being heartbroken while finishing college after returning home from Cancun or even a nice goodbye scene with her three friends as they move on with the adult life. Sometimes it was just a little too fast for me. I highly recommend A Night to Forget to all my reading friends.

    It is an adorable book that will hook you in and not let you put it down until you are finished.

    A Night to Forget (Emma's Story, book 1) by Jessica Wood

    Brandon better not let me down! ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review. View 2 comments. Jun 22, Bethany rated it really liked it.